Hallo guys, check out our new Homepage from Call of Duty:Modern Warfare II , the RussianHouseMafia Clan ! Come join our Clan ,we will grow fast and own everybody (:

Hey Guys, we are  [RHM] DiscoPartyBrotherNr1 & 2 ! We are now just 2 people , but pls write us an email or contact us in steam !  (email adress : gorbatschow4life@googlemail.com)

Here we got first the epic Mission from Mw2. :)









And here we got a video from  S-izzle.ReTurneS. :) 

Our favorite Trailer from Modern Warfare 2 :)

You can write us, no matter if you are low level or even in prestige. Standardly we are playing with this following weapons , so you guys just can see how pro's are playing like (: , [Sniper] Intervention with FMJ / [Assault] M16A4 with heartbeatsensor & holographic / [ Mp] Vector with FMJ or UMP 45 with FMJ .

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